About Me


This site belongs to Ian P. Christian. Despite what many think, the ‘P.’ in my name isn’t short for ‘Pookey’, although lots of people online, and even in real life, know me by that name (this section explains why).

I currently live in Nottingham, and work for Timico running the Cloud and Hosting development team.  I run a team of people who keep a cloud afloat!

I’m am amateur magician too, I’m currently a member of the Nottingham Guild of Magicians.

You might have bumped into my before at a few PHP related conferences (I’ve spoken at a couple) or from ISP geek meets – although these days I move in different circles.

I got my BSC(Hons) Computer Systems and Networks from the University of Plymouth.

Feel free to check out my Curriculum Vitae/Resume.

Why Pookey?

Every time I meet someone new on the internet, they seem to ask me why I call myself Pookey. This is my story…

The first time I was on the internet, back in 1998, I was using MS Comic Chat. In case you have never come across this rather strange program, it’s a chat system, where everyone chooses a cartoon character to look like. When chatting, things appear as a cartoon strip with peoples messages appearing as speech bubbles. As with every chat system, you have to give yourself a name. As I had chosen to be a cat, so I thought I would name myself after one of the cats from Garfield, Pookey.

After a while, I discovered that Pookey was not the name of a cat from Garfield at all, it’s the name of Garfield’s teddy. More time passes by, before someone pointed out to me that it’s actually spelt ‘Pooky’.

So, I got the name wrong, and the spelling, but it stuck. Now I own the domain name, it’s too late to change!