AoE and LVM issue

i was playing with AoE (ATA-over-Ethernet) and I was having issues with one of the network clients showing ‘down,closewait’. I had been using the AoE device with LVM, and the vblade server had rebooted and had various kernel upgrades to fix something else – and it broke the AoE on the client! aoe-stat showed this:

e0.0 0.000GB eth1 down,closewait

To fix, vgremove wasn’t working, however using ‘dmsetup remove aoe-X’ where ‘X’ was each device in the ‘aoe’ LVM volume group.

This made ‘aoe-stat’ show the device as ‘down’:

e0.0 0.000GB eth1 down

As to how to get it back up again, I’m still playing 😀

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