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BeBook have sent me exclusive pictures of the new “BeBook 2”. The new device seems to be a significant improvement over the first BeBook.

UPDATE: The BeBook 2 will be launched on the 14th Oct at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

For those of you who were holding off from buying ebook readers, afraid to buy first generation devices, perhaps now is the time. I haven’t managed to get my hands on the BeBook 2 yet, but the pictures certainly look promising. I’ll be trying to get myself one of these new BeBooks as soon as I can, and I’ll be updating my blog as soon as I do – but until then, I have photos and a feature list to whet your appetite.

  • Wireless connectivity through one ore more platforms or protocols. (3G and/or WIFI)
  • Touchscreen navigation
  • Buy your books anywhere, anytime.
  • Wireless RSS support

Click on the image below for a larger picture

The Original BeBook

It seems that BeBook haven’t forgotten the original BeBook, and they are releasing wireless support. Great news! I can’t wait to be able to update my RSS feeds without plugging in!

Be sure to check out my review of the first bebook – this article also contains details on how to get a discount.

20 thoughts on “BeBook 2”

  1. It seems that this could be what I have been waiting for.

    In my search for an ebook reader, I finally decided for the BeBook, I just wanted to wait until I saved enough money – when they announced BeBook 2.

    I don’t know if I really need the wireless connectivity, but even the touchscreen alone seems interesting enough to me. Also I guess they will use some newer cpus so it should be a little bit faster as the first one (and I am not saying that the first one was slow) As long as the BeBook 2 is not that much more expensive then the first one, I will get it.

  2. Been wanting to buy one for quite sometime. I guess the search might end here. I hope to buy the BeBook 2 if it costs around $300. But if it costs more, i would go for the older version with its prices slashed down even further.

    I hope the PDF view is fair enough, coz that’s what i’ll be reading mostly. I’ve no doubts about Mobi format, for that’s the best i’ve seen around.

  3. I too am ready to buy a bebook2 when it comes out, but I would like to know just when that might be.

  4. Unfortunatly I don’t think there is a release date yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll get hold of a unit and do a review (perhaps even another video) when it’s out, so feel free to check back here!

  5. this by email from Bebook team:-
    BeBook 2
    Dear customer,
    Thank you for your interest in BeBook!
    The new BeBook with wifi and/or 3G and touch screen will be available Q3 2009.
    RSS feeds are already supported on BeBook.

  6. And on another ereader blog.
    “the bebook2 will be available end of September 2009”.
    Lets hope so!
    dont hold your breath!

  7. You know, it’s like they’re just being mean and teasing us at this point. Who want’s the BB2! who wants it! Jump for it! Jumpjump!


    It’s things like this that end up with Dutchmen getting stabbed with sporks is all I’m saying. So hurry up Dutchy!

  8. According to a Dutch television broadcast (from 28 September) it will be available from 14 October 2009 onwards.

  9. It’s launched, not not available for sale. I’m not sure I understand the difference actually, but that’s how it is 🙂

    As soon as the bebook 2 is out, I’ll be doing another video review probably!

    If I can get any info on when it’s released, I’ll post it on here too

  10. Well, Endless Idea better hurry up. Back when the Bebook 1 was released, there weren’t too many ebook readers. But now, more and more new ebook readers are released. So competition becomes bigger and bigger.

    On the other side: don’t release a half finished, bug-filled device ….

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