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Someone from BeBook recently contacted me asking if I’d mind putting something up about their new luxury case. I agreed to do this not because they are paying me to (which they are not), but because my review of the bebook has helped a lot of people make up their mind about the BeBook, and because I genuinely like their product. I’d like to point out, just like I did in my bebook review, that I have no commercial links to BeBook –

I was a little worried though that they would send me a case to look at, and I’d not be able to write good things about it, however – the case really is very nice. I’ve taken a few photos for you to look at, but I must admit – I’m no photographer, and I used my cell phone to take the photos. I hope I’ve managed to capture the quality of the cases well enough for you to get a good impression of them though. Clicking on any of the images should show the image in more detail.

The case is available in both black and brown, with my personal favorite being brown. Both have white stitching and whilst I’m not an expert on the subject, the leather feels good quality. One thing the Sony Reader seems to have over the BeBook is that the Sony does look a little better with it’s aluminum case. Personally I wanted functionality over a little prettiness, so I decided to buy the Bebook – and I’m pleased I did. These cases go a long way to make the BeBook look a lot more professional

A nice touch about this case is that is has an extra flap inside, that has 2 slots for extra memory cards and several slots for business cards. The case that comes with the BeBook is functional, however these Milano cases to look a lot nicer, and having somewhere to store extra memory cards is a good thing – having broken one of these recently by letting it roll about in the bottom of my laptop bag! The cases (like the standard case) don’t get in the way of plugging in headphones, or accessing the volumn button, so if you use your BeBook for listening to audio books or mp3’s, the case doesn’t get in the way. You will of course need to open the case to change track though. The case does add a little thickness over using the standard case, however it’s not significant, and it’s still smaller than a typical paper book.

Don’t forget, you can see a full review of the bebook itself, including a video, by viewing my bebook review.

One thought on “BeBook – The Milano Edition case”

  1. Hi! I wonder how does the closing ‘belt’ work? The original cover has a magnetic one, and it is attached to the front flap, so it never get in the way of the screen.
    There are more colours available now too, so I’d really like to buy one, but want to know this first.
    Thank you, Karin

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