Bring Back Pirate Duck

I took 2 days away from work last week, and upon my return I noticed that one of my ducks from my desktop duck collection was missing. Shortly after my discovery, I received an email with a subject line of ‘we have your duck’.

The email linked to – a website setup buy an unknown co-worker in the Timico head office. The first blog post on the site claims

We have your duck… he is unharmed and comfortable…. please keep checking this site for a list of our demands…

The Timico CTO, Tref, heard about the shocking duck-napping and was quick to respond to the situation on his blog with a post about ‘Victims of Internet Piracy’. Tref also setup a facebook group that now has nearly 200 members.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gone though this kind of traumatic experience, the first time was in 2001. As documented here, Operation Penguin 2001 involved the theft of one of my Penguins – who was thankfully returned unharmed shortly after his ordeal.

A group of people have formed the ‘Pirate Duck Peoples Coalition’, and have set up a Petition here – Design Desires, a Ipswich based web development and design company produced an official logo for the coalition, as shown below.

The missing duck is generating quite a following now, with national TV coverage as seen here:

I’ve heard rumors that the duck may well be going international soon, I guess I’ll just have to follow the RSS feed on and hope for the best. Hopefully Pirate Duck will return to his happy family unharmed at some point…..

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  1. As you should be aware from my previous blog post – Bring Back Pirate Duck – one of my ducks is missing. This morning upon returning I found a small padded envelope addressed to ‘Mr Ian P Christian – Duck Master”. Inside the letter, was a duck a

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