Brita / Breville Aqua Fountain Review

I’ve recently purchased a Breville Aqua Fountain and I’m not overly impressed with it, so I thought I would put a review here in the hope to put others off buying it.


I had a desktop water cooler before this, but it recently broke. It was a good cooler, but was reasonably tacky just slightly cheaper then my new Breville Aqua Fountain. The new cooler set me back £55 from Robert Dias.
First impressions were good. It’s got blue LEDs which make the water chamber glow, and has a downward pointing LED highlighting the dispensing area. The unit needs cleaning before use, but that should be obvious to most. It takes the new larger Brita filters – apparently these are much better – however I can’t help but think that it’s an attempt at vendor lock in. The external chamber can hold up to 3 litres (I’ve not confirmed it, but it seems about right) and apparently the internal chamber holds 1 liter – it’s this 1 liter that is cooled.

The unit is quieter then my old cooler, and it has a nice switch on the front to turn it off. Having said all this, I have a few issues with this cooler.

Firstly, you can’t turn the blue LEDs off. They really do give the cooler a nice look, but I don’t actually want them on. They are bright, and I keep this on my lounge, so whilst watching a movie I have to turn it off. To demonstrate how bright the lighting is, click the image on the right. This was taken about midnight from outside my house, nothing is on except the water cooler in that room!

Secondly, the fan seems to be on a lot! My old cooler was very loud when it was activly cooling, but it didn’t do it very often. This cooler seems to spend a lot of time attempting to cool.

Lastly, the water doesn’t appear to be that cold! Various quotes on the internet suggest this unit should cool to between 5 and 10 degrees. I’m reasonably confident it’s not cooling that much, but I intend to get a thermometer to test it soon, and will update this page when I do.

As a final note – how hard would it be to have a variable hemostat on the thing, so I can choose how cool I want it? I don’t think Breville did any tests on Joe Public with this product – it had potential to be fantastic, but alas… it barely hits the ‘good’ rating

Update: Using a Precision Gold N28BJ Infrared Thermometer I measured the temperature of the water. I took a glass (of about medium size, I imagine about 250-300ml) and filled it with water. I then took the temperature of the surface of the water. I ensured that the blue light on the front of the cooler was on, which signifies that water is at temperature. The reading was 10 degrees, so within specification, but only just.

Update 2007-10-30: I contacted Brita about this, asking if they wanted to give me an official response to post – however they have not yet replied.

Update 2007-11-07 Brita have replied!

We are of course looking into the concerns expressed on your blog. As the Brita Breville Aqua Fountain is a joint venture between ourselves and our partners Breville, we are keen to consult with Breville fully before responding to yourself. We look forward to coming back to you within the next week.

Update 2007-12-04 One month later, and no reply.

Update 2007-12-15 Another reply!

Many thanks for your kind offer to respond to your and other opinions concerning the Breville Brita Aqua Fountain water chiller. As with all products, consumer feedback is vital to their continual evolution, improvement and ultimately customer satisfaction and as such we welcome your honest opinion.

Firstly, the vast majority of Aqua Fountain purchasers over the past 2 years have been very happy with the performance of our product. Most are happy with the cooling performance, the convenience and cost over bottled water that it offers. I understand that it is only natural that those who have had an unusual or unfortunate experience are more likely to post opinions than those who are content. For those that are disappointed with the performance of their Aqua Fountain, it is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from purchase date against mechanical and electrical defects.

I also read with interest that your Breville Brita Aqua Fountain has been quieter than your previous water chiller. Also, whilst I appreciate that the water temperature achieved (you mentioned that you measured it at 10 degrees, its correct specification) might not be cold enough for your own tastes, we feel sure that this is ideal for others. Delivering temperatures colder than 10 degrees would use much more energy and time to achieve and so it was felt that 10 degrees would offer water cold enough for most tastes yet with a chilling time/energy use that was acceptable also. We pride ourselves in offering good customer service and genuinely welcome customer feedback as it forms part of our product development programme.

Our customer services team are more than happy to advise on and resolve any issues that are expressed on your website. If you have any other queries, please feel free to come back to our customer care team.

In my opinion, it’s a good reply. My dealings with customer services on this issue were good. Other then the delay in reply from Breville, replies were pretty quick.

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  1. Hi I completely agree with your comments. I bought one of these coolers in a lovely silver colour and paid an extra £20 for doing so. It was supposed to take 3 hours to cool but i had to leave it overnight and even then the water was not very cold. And like yours it seemed to be constantly cooling…I took mine back and got a refund after two days!!!

  2. Something I forgot to mention, when I was buying this, the lady behind the counter did tell me that a lot of these units were returned – however stated that if the instructions of usage were followed there wouldn’t be a problem. I’m certain I followed the instructions carefully, so I don’t believe my findings to be a result of incorrect usage.

    Another annoyance with the filter is that it’s incredibly slow to dispense water

  3. Thanks for taking the trouble to inform me on the Brita Cooler. I was particularly impressed by the strength of the light in your window – I could not put up with that.
    Needless to say, I will no be buying one of these.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to feedback your experiences because I almost purchased one. I am grateful that you have helped me save the money.



  6. I nearly got one of these from Robert Dyas but went for the cheaper(£30) Hinari version which uses the standard filter.At first I thought oh no! what have i done,as the fan was noisy and thought thats how its going to sound all the time but once it had cooled the water(about half an hour) it shut down and is now silent.It’s not as flash as the brita,but its alot cheaper and does the job,and after reading the brita reviews i’m glad i went for the Hinari-apparently its a discontinued item so won’t be around for much longer,which is why they are selling them off for £30.

  7. Wish I had seen this before buying mine yesterday! My main criticisms are the temperature of the water dispensed (cool but not cold), the noise of the fan, and the time it takes to do what little cooling it does! I wonder how it does the cooling. I cannot think it is the same technology as a fridge. It is certainly not comparable to an office cooler for effectiveness. A severe disappointment.

  8. Thank goodness there are people like you around who are prepared to take the time and trouble to notify us innocent members of the public about these products. I have been totally sucked in by all the marketing on the Breville water coolers and was just about to click the button to purchase one from the Amazon web-site..that is, until I found your review and you’ve saved me not only the £67.00, but more importantly, the potential earache from my husband for buying yet another not so clever gadget!
    Thank you for that, to you I am eternally grateful.


  9. Thanks for the info – you have saved me £99 and possibly a lot of time and trouble. I was going to buy the silver one from Argos. Think I will stick with my £30 one (also from Argos 2700315 ) which works great – just thought rather than filling it with bottled water a brita one would be easier and cheaper in the long run. Perhaps not. Thanks again.

  10. I bought one too as I love cold water. What a waste of money .. I paid £100 .. when they first came out. Don’t know what to do with it now .. might just throw it away. Bottles of water in the fridge …

  11. Can’t thank you enough have been considering this for some while as I drink a lot of water and always find I enjoy it cooler instead of straight from the tap or bottle. Think it maybe better to get a table top bottle cooler instead

  12. I also bought the stainless teel version from Robert Dyas. I am extremely dissapointed with it. (Perhaps Robert Dyas should consider some form of compensation??) As others have already mentioned, it hardly chills the water, and then you are usually limited to one standard sized glass of water. I also checked the chilled water temperature and found it to be 10 degrees celsius – hardly chilled? In the summer, the unit does not even reach ten degrees. I contacted Breville who informed me that I could return it for inspection, but I would have to pay for postage charges in both directions if the unit was found to be OK. I would not recommend this product.

  13. Good news if you purchased from Amazon (as I did) return to them within 30 days and they will issue a refund and not charge for postage – use the return code “item performance/quality is not up to my expectations”
    Back to the old water filter jug in the fridge for me 🙂

  14. Thanks for all your comments folks, I was also just about to buy one to upgrade from my brita jug, but am totally put off now! Like Jackie, my other half also shakes his head every time I get taken in by some marketing spin… 10 degress is definitely not cool enough! Does anyone know of a counter-top cooler that cools as you dispense, rather than cooling a whole litre of water? Thanks

  15. Don’t buy this product.

    I didn’t see these reviews and bought one. It’s going straight back after trying to cool the water for the last 24hrs without reaching it’s cut off point.

  16. just measured mine with a electricity meter and it draws over 68 watts, measured for 8 hours overnight (when it should need to cool the least) and it cost 8.85 pence = £87 per year to run – ouch!
    Also my blue temperature light never comes on anymore.

  17. Thanks for all your comments. Was going to replace my EBAC Water Eddy because I need a new water trail and thought I’d update it (although I only bought it last year (2nd one, the other one was white and I wanted silver!!), so I’ve save my money on not buying the Brita Aqua Fountain. Contacting EBAC now to pay under £20 for a new water trail!. PS, you should try the EBAC Water Eddy – works perfectly well.

  18. We have had the aqua fountain for almost a year….. wish we had never bothered. We live permanently in Spain now and it was bought for that. The bright light is immense and we don’t have to have any light on at night, and the cooler does not cool except in winter time! it will no doubt hit the skip soon. The other thing we found was that the water at many times would only trickle out, so filling a glass with water was a long time happening. 🙂

  19. I was doing a search to find what filter these use before buying one. However due to your farsightedness, I have read your comments, but more important all the other comments, and without a single good word I will save my money.

    Thank you

  20. What a great website – I stumbled across it whilst checking out prices for the Breville Aqua Chiller…and I’m glad I did – it has saved me £80. I reckon I’ll stick with my faithful water jug in my fridge! Thanks again all.

  21. We were quite pleased with our aqua fountain – encouraged everyone in the family to drink more water. However, the motor has gone in it and is apparently irreplaceable – just after a year of use – and a total kick in the teeth is that we bulk bought the cartridges so we’re stuck with those!

  22. Would also like to thank you for this review, saw same item reduced in Argos and intended going back as I resisted temptation but thought didn’t want to miss sale, £74.99 was price, having seen this definately decided to give this a miss. thanks very much

  23. i bought 1 of these approx 1yr ago and my cats luv filtered water and why not,they deserve it,they give me so much tlc, anyway, just recently the water is coming out warm, i have changed cartridge, can anybody out there pls help with my predicament pls.


  24. Have just seen this website after looking for a replacement water cooler for our Breville water fountain which also failed after just over one year. Wish we had seen this before wasting £99 on a product that never cooled properly and only seems to have a life of just over a year.

  25. wish we had found this site last year, before buying our fountain. it sort of does the job but very limited supply of water, and not enviro friendly with lights staying on. now have a problem with it dispensing little green bits.

  26. I’ve had one of these for 2 weeks. Soon after the first week we noticed a tainted mouldy smell from the upper reservoir, although the water still tasted OK. I put a thermometer in there and it measured 82F. Room temp is about 72F. The water in the reservoir is getting heated by waste heat from the cooler unit below it

    I feel it can’t be safe to store drinking water in an open container for up to four weeks (the life of a cartridge)at 82F. and also wonder if the cartridge (which is open to the reservoir) removes the chlorine etc. which the water company adds to the water to make it safe to drink.

    Checking on environmental health websites, to avoid the growth of Legionella, they recommend storing cold drinking water below 68F.

    Nobody in the house will drink from it now and it’s going back.

  27. Hi

    I have had my aua filter for six weeks now, ive just changed the filter and it is only dripping water out the spout – any suggestions? Can somebody tell me what exactly you do when you change the filter, i hav just slot it in after swishing it in some water…

  28. The motor on mine has stopped too. its still under warranty, but cannot find my receipt. were you able to get the motor on yours repaired?
    i agree with everyone, the aqua fountain is a waste of money but i will still use it to filter my water before putting it in the frigde as i have many filters

  29. Yes I also have the same problems as most, having purchased the stainless version (lots more money than the white one) well I though it looked prettier.However it was constantly on and the water never got below 10c, then the fan got very noisey, and I gave up and took it back, but I fell for a replacement , this time the white version. It worked ! the water was much colder and then unit cut out when cooled. But guess what after two months it didn’t cut out, the temp light never came back on and the water was back to 10c. Looks like it’s back to the tap.

  30. I purchased two off units just over 12 months ago, both have had the cooling fans fail and caused the fuse for the circuit board power supply blow. Finding suppliers for the parts impossible. I repaired one unit by disassembling the fan and lubricating and soldering a new fuse on the board

  31. Ours is hopeless. The fan makes an awful noise. This developed after a year. The water was never cold enough. Very disappointed.

  32. I wish I had found this site 10 months ago. My Aqua Fountain has broken down, yet again (Argos replaced it 6 months ago).Argos not interested because they don’t stock them any more (surprise). Having spent hours holding on for the next available operator at Pulse Home Products in Oldham I am now at a loss as to what to do! Probably throw it out and go back to the jug!

  33. I have the Breville Water Filter and Chiller (the one with the blue led light) and have to say i’ve been exceptionally pleased with mine, just coming into my third year with it and no problems whatsoever. The only gripe I do have is obtaining filters is a nightmare, it takes forever to get through to ‘Pulse’, they dont accept debit or credit cards so you have to faff around with sending a cheque. Luckily I have just found a supplier on e-bay and got 2 filters for £4.00. Maybe i’ve just been lucky with mine as everyone else doesn’t seem too happy.

  34. It’s funny you should say that – one of my main reasons for disappointment of this brita filter is that I was replacing a Hinari filter. The Hinari machine is cheap in cost, and looks. It’s plasticy, and is noisy when it’s cooling. BUT – it really does get cool, and it doesn’t spend long doing it. It might not look so good, but it’s a fantastic unit. I wish I had brought another Hinari rather then this Brita thing.

  35. I’m on my third in around 18 months. The first cost £100 from Argos (silver model). It died after around six months. The next one cost £66.66 from Argos, it stopped chilling and then a couple of weeks later stopped dispensing water. That was after 10 months.

    The latest one (a slightly cheaper white model) from Amazon, and it will be my last. If this one packs in I’m going to get a proper mini fridge and a Brita water filter jug!

    The reason I’ve stuck through three of them is that I genuinely like what they do. When they work. Trouble is that the fan is always on (but I keep it in the spare room), and the blue lights can’t be turned off. I find the water temperature fine though.

  36. £30 is a very good price! I would say it is worth that, so long as you’re willing to put up with the possible noise/bright lights.

    For £30, it’s no great loss if it does break down reasonably quickly – and it’s the nice metal one!

  37. We have had a white Aqua Fountain for 14 months. The front blue LED packed up after about 4 months, and now the motor has just died. I was going to buy another one, but glad I found this site and saved myself a lot of money!

  38. Thank god I read this ! Already abandoned Tefal one cup cause water doesnt boil and trickles out, then found this review slating the water cooler from Brita/Breville.

    You just saved me £65 !!! Thanks 🙂

  39. Like so many others, if only I’d found this page before I bought one of these things! The first one I had permanently cooled from the minute I turned it on, it’s replacement has developed a leak after 2 days, and why on earth does it need to be so noisy? Off to Robert Dias for a refund methinks.


  41. I was very interested to see this blog as I am on my 4th Aqua Fountain as all three of the previous ones stopped working (motor) within a year. I keep replacing it because when it is working it is so convenient and everyone drinks more water which they wouldn’t if they had to get a bottle out of the fridge. I did get my money back from Costco the 1st two times but I couldn’t find the receipt the last time. Incidently Costco seem to have stopped stocking it probably because they had to give the money back so many times!

  42. I ‘ve got the same problem with mine, the fuse on the 12v board has blown. Did you replace the fuse like-for-like, or install a glass one on the board?

  43. i bought the white version from a catalogue at £80 in april 2007, i have just returned it as the fan/cooler has now packed in. i too think that the light is far too bright and uses unecessary power and takes too long to cool. i also think that the replacement filters are expensive? hoping my replacement breaks too so i can get a full refund

  44. The motor has just packed in after 9 months. Prior to that the motor seemed to be on an aweful lot and after an initial 2 months seemed to have problem gettting the water down to the desire level. Again, like previous comments the reservoir seems to be getting warm from waster heat from the water cooler, which I guess must be a design problem. Not worth the money, like others it shows you need to keep the receipt!

  45. Anyone had any experience with Aquaport Polaclear Countertop Water Filter? I was considering this instead of the breville one but don’t want to be out of the fire and into the frying pan 🙂

  46. We got a nice silver one for Christmas (2007) after 10 hours of cooling the motor was still running and I was not that impressed with the cold temperature of the water. I didn’t know if we were unlucky or this was typical of the product, after reading the reviews I took it back and received a refund.

  47. Was just about to purchase one off Ebay…..Thank goodness I read this Blog…..thank you, you’ve saved me #60

  48. Hi, bought one in October 2006. Absolute crap!!! The blue temperature light failed after just one year. It then started getting very noisy and I never felt the water was chilled enough. Now the thing is just dead (not chilling water at all. One of the blue lights has gone out and another is just slightly flickering! Was so used to the noisy fan that I now feel there is something missing in the kitchen!:-)) Getting a crappy one and a bit years out of it sucks!! I don’t even know if it’s worth repairing? Anyone tried having their’s repared? I think it should have a 2 year guarantee. Bought it from Next and feel I’ve been robbed of 90 quid!! Wish I’d seen this site before I bought it. Oh well, at least I know to check out sites like this one before I consider buying other goods.

  49. Bought one of these over a year ago, so out of guarantee….the fan has become extremely noisy….so much so that I now only use the machine as a water filter. Pathetic. DO NOT BUY it’s a rip off.

  50. Seems to be a common theme running on this board!!!! Would you believe it we got one last year for Xmas (Dec ’06) and low and behold the things bust!! Think there should be 4 blue LEDs – both on the left have gone pop and the fan ain’t working. Just over a year!!

    Seemed ok whilst it worked – but defo not worth 90 quid for 12 (and a bit!) months.

  51. I totally agree, I bought mine about a year ago from argos and I took it home used it for 2 days and it broke then change it again after about 2 months broke again changed again eventually we got the better one !!! then after a year is permanently broken.. oh my gosh ,,,, what is that all about? what a rubbish piece of metal… maria

  52. Had ours 1 month, changed the filter yesterday, now the water only trickles out from the dispenser, been through the installation routine twice, looks like an air lock, what say??

  53. Hmmm seems to be a pattern emerging here. Our 3rd (in 6 months) has packed up to day – one just stopeed cooling altogether and with the last two the blue light constantly flashes on and off – with a buzzing/sparking noise. So its back to Comet again! Can anyone suggest a decent alternative that actually cool water??

  54. had my cooler for just over a year started making strange noises .changed water a few times did not work.threw it in the bin .really annoyed that i paid so much for it to last for14 months.just threw it in the bin and will not be buying another one.

  55. I to bought one of these Breville Aqua Fountains 3 months ago,had nothing but trouble with it ever since,it air locks almost all of the time, the water comes out at a trickle if at all,I follow the makers instructions to the letter, but still air locks preventing the water from dispencing,its going back in the morning to Commet.It would have been a good buy if it worked.

  56. I purchased the first BREVILLE Aqua Fountain almost the day it appeared at Robert Dyas … FOUR machines later I wish that I had never seen the dam thing before … I have had all the same problems as all you dear folks out there but with twist! I contacted BREVILLE and took them to task over the KNOWN MANUFACTURING FAULTS of this machine … My Local ROBERT DYAS said they have had loads refunded … When I spoke to BREVILLE on the phone there Customer Service ADMITTED to me that the machine had MANUFACTURING FAULTS (mainly relating to the thermostat / temperature) … BRITA’S Customer Service Manager just sounded fed up with BRITA! … Well BREVILLE’S communication regarding Customer Service is none existent … unbeknown to BREVILLE I was forwarding my emails to BRITA … BRITA informed me that they work hand in hand DEVELOPING this machine and have a large invested interest in its success … A Customer Service Manager from BRITA ensured me that the lack of BREVILLES Customer Service would be dealt with and my machine WOULD BE REPLACED!!! … Yet the Machine has not been replaced … Both BREVILLE and BRITA have gone SILENT! … GOOD ADVICE IS DO NOT PURCHASE ONE !!!!!!

  57. I can heartily endorse most of the comments already made. I noticed my machine has stopped chilling the water which now comes out lukewarm. Funny how this always seems to happen just after the 1 year warranty has expired. Have had rather upset stomach for the last 2 weeks -nothing major but feeling a bit queasy. Now fairly sure I know why so to any potential purchasers-AVOID!

  58. I received one of these for Christmas 2007 and guess what? The guarantee has expired and it’s stopped working. I suppose the bin is the only option……..

  59. I am on my fourth in 18months !!! noisy fan and then stops dispensing I thought I was just unlucky but seems that this piece of kit just isn’t up to the job

  60. I stumbled across this page when I wasv searching for any clues as to why my unit never stops running/blue light not coming on. Now I see that absolutley no-ones know the reason, not even the manufacturers. I have no receipt, but then I can’t complain cos I only paid £20 (second hand) for mine & that’s a lot cheaper than bottled water as an alternative for the last 6 months!

  61. Really annoyed I didn’t check this out before wasting my money. My blue light is out too and the machine is running all the time. Water nice and cold though. Very disappointed and shan’t even bother trying to find the instructions in light of others’ comments. Brita – what a let down!

  62. #49.2 Typical, my Aqua Fountain has also died just outside of the guarantee. It was bought for me as a 2006 Christmas present and gave good service for about 9 months although the cooling wasn’t that great. Then the blue “water cooled” lamp went out (although the water still seemed to be cooling) and now, just 3 months outside the guarantee, the entire unit has packed up. The fan was always quite noisy but towards the end of January 2008 started to sound like a jumbo jet. I was looking on the internet for a replacement when I came across this blog and have now changed my mind. I will buy an ordinary water filter and just use ice cubes!! Thanks to all who have bothered to write for this blog and who, together, have saved me from sqandering my money on a new one.

  63. I last posted on 2007-11-09 23:56, when I stated that I was just on my third unit.

    This unit has just died tonight. That’s three units in less than two years. They are rubbish. I love what they do, but they don’t last.

    I’ve now ordered a Brita Optimax, an 8.5litre unit you store in the fridge. Not as convenient as a worktop unit which takes up valuable space, but other than the tap (to dispense water), there nothing to go wrong. Nothing electrical anyway.

    Breville and / or Brita should be ashamed of themselves, the Aqua Fountain is a travesty.

  64. Had to move my unit whilst decorating kitchen. Came to reuse after it was reinstalled and found the water being dispensed murky. Have checked the filter cartridge which was quite new, no fault. Have filled the internal reservoir and moved it about gently – can’t believe what is coming out. Litres and litres later more of the same . How healthy is this? Yes the light and motor noise are a problem.

  65. We purchased a second hand one from ebay in 2006. After 2 months it stopped chilling but luckily the seller had provided us with the original Argos reciept. Off we go to our local Store and making out it was a wedding present, we obtained a brand new relpacement. Handy we thought!!!
    12 months and 2 weeks later (i kid you not) the motor starts sounding like a helicopter taking off and 2 of the LED lights have packed up. We contact Argos and basically, its not there problem.

  66. I wish, like many others, that I found this site before I bought my Breville Aqua Fountain. What a waste of money. I agree with what has been stated over the many previous posts. My main issues are the same: brightness of the leds, fan noise and the coolness of the water. I am very disappointed with this product.

  67. Mine failed. I took it to bits.

    Note to owners:

    Use a needle to remove the black covers for screws on top of the unit (after you have removed the water containers). This gives you access to remove the left hand circuit board and the dispensing assembly. Then cut the cable ties securing the two water ducts and release the molex connector that supplies the LED circuitry to the dispensing module.

    Remove the screws holding the stainless surround and then remove the base screws. Unclip the plastic chassis (you’ll notice it is a two-part affair).

    Then you have access to the fan unit which has a fuse attached to it.

    The problem with this unit as I see it now having fixed mine is that the fan appears to be a standard computer fan which is not designed to live in a kitchen which inevitably will be exposed to cooking fat particles and dust. The fan is prone to seizing which blows the fuse.

    The fix is to replace the fuse with a 5A automotive fuse, prize the fan veins from the enclosure, lubricate it with gun oil, establish it is now free and then re-assemble the unit.

    As a precaution I’d listen to the unit over time. I’m sure all of the members of this forum have heard their units struggle before giving up and this has to be a clue. Sure, the makers should have known the problems of the unit’s probable siting, but all the same, when I saw my unit’s sticky fan covered in sticky dust, I realised that the environment was the problem rather than Breville’s design.

  68. my wife got one about a year ago sooooooo noisy dont mind the light too much as in the kitchen but it seems to get green bits coming through and green slime in the top bit needless to say shes not getting anymore pocket money for a bit dumb purchase

  69. Nice one Andrew. My motor (& 2 blue LEDS) packed up last night! I figured I’d check the updates on this page before binning it & glad I did as I will be stripping mine down after reading this! 😉

    Keen to see if this fix sorts outs the chilling process too :-/

  70. ….OK the bin has definately been the solution here! Stripped my unit down to find the transformer board had completely burnt out on 3 resistors…there was no auto fuse on my model, so maybe the current factor overheated the board? Over version model perhaps, hence the safety of simply just ‘blowing a fuse’………BACK TO CHILLED BOTTLED WATER THEN!

  71. Had mine just over a year motor burnt out nearly caught fire, breville and tescos refuse to replace it, saying it is over a year old! (just)!,I strongly reccomend that anybody thinking of purchasing one of these to think verey carefully,they are dangerous and breville no it!!!

  72. Agree entirely with the comments. I purchased this model too, it never reaches full cool as the front light does not illuminate, the water is certainly not cold by any means. No it never switches off, fan on 24 hrs day.
    Waste of money

  73. I purchased the Brita aqua fountain about 14 months ago . Mine still lights up but does not cool . I spoke to manufactures customer services. they deny that their are lots of unsatisfied customers and refused to do anything about it . I explained that the Aqua fountain was not fit for purpose and the only reason they sold so many is because they look good . DONT BUY ONE

  74. Great site, thanks Ian for bringing this to my attention, i wont be investing in one of these now! That said, does anyone know of a good alternative, or is the jug the only decent method? Thanks to anyone that can advise…. Tim

  75. We have just got our money back – it didnt stop working – but became congested with algea. There is no way to clean the internal pipes in this unit. I didnt know where the appropiate health and safety regs are but we are lucky this didnt poison us.
    Dont buy one.

  76. We have just got our money back – it didnt stop working – but became congested with algea. There is no way to clean the internal pipes in this unit. I didnt know where the appropiate health and safety regs are but we are lucky this didnt poison us.
    Dont buy one!!!!!

  77. Had mine since December, have noticed that the water is getting warmer and warmer then started getting algea in the filtered water tank over the past few weeks(God only knows what else is in the water chamber that cannot be seen). Now it seems the motor has gone as blue lights still come on but on/off swith does not light…… going to return and get refund rather than replacing this. Looking at problems on this page Breville/Brita need to sort all these issue out.

  78. Unfortunately I only just stumbled across this blog and wish I’d found it before Christmas which is when I bought one of these Brita units. My parents have had two of these units and both have failed. I just assumed they were very unlucky and was convinced that mine would be fine. Famous last words. Although I’ve never been entirely satisfied with how cold the water actually comes out of the Aqua Fountain, last weekend the water seemed to be coming out much warmer than usual and I notice the blue light on the front now doesn’t come on at all anymore. The fan still runs so I can only guess that the thermostat is dead 🙁

    After my parent’s last one failed they took it back to Robert Dyas and exchanged it for a Russell Hobbs Aqua Purity unit which is essentially the same type of chilled water dispenser except that it doesn’t look quite as flash and it doesn’t have a blue light in the water (probably a plus point for some people). However, it does have a larger capacity water tank, and more importantly it does what it’s supposed to do by dispensing *_COLD_* water, and fairly quickly at that (not like the poor excuse of a trickle that comes out of the Brita). In the five months they’ve had the Russell Hobbs unit there have been no issues with it at all. My Brita unit is thankfully still under warranty so it will be going back to Robert Dyas this weekend and I will be opting for one of the Russell Hobbs units instead. I’m sure Mr Dyas is going to be overjoyed at seeing yet another one of the Brita units returned. After all the returns they already seem to have had, I’m actually quite surprised to see they’re still selling them 😐

  79. I am so glad i came across this site… was seriously thinking about buying one fromRobert Dyas tomorrow… i wont be bothering now… Just wondering how i will get chilled filtered water as my fridge door is no where big enough for a normal filter jug?! Ideas?!?!?

  80. You can get slim jugs designed specifically for fridge doors.

    What I’ve taken to doing (till my new fridge with intergrated cooler arrives, woo!) is getting 500ml bottles, and putting them anywhere in the fridge. That way you don’t ever need to top up a half full jug and therefore making it warm again. Also, the more content in your fridge, the less it costs to run

  81. I must be the only person who is happy with it! My first one did pack in but Amazon replaced it without any hassle and the one I have now is perfect. I love the blue lights!!!!

    Sorry guys, but I do really like this product, does seem like they have many re-occuring faults though….


  82. This product is great in appearance but is very disappointing in performance. The motor seems to run virtually continuously and the temperature of the water delivered seems little different from normal tap water. My daughter has had two of these replaced under guarantee and finally this evening our own fountain of around 18 months of age has given up the ghost and died. The one consolation is that it still looks good and the blue lights illuminating the no longer chilled water are still on. It may well substitute as a very attractive and avant garde goldfish bowl.

  83. Many thanks for this site. I was going to Argos to buy one tomorow – you’ve just saved me £99! I think that I’ll stick to the filter in the fridge, it’s cheaper and more effective by the sound of it.
    Thanks again, Liz

  84. We have had our aqua fountain for nearly 3 has worked perferctly and asved us a fortune in bottled water.I would recommend it as I have done to relatives and friends and so far every one has had no problems with them at all..

    A great buy when compared with filetr jugs which we used before and take up room in your fridge and a great saving on bottled water.

    We must be the exception to the rule although like all products some are liley to break down..

    regards malc

  85. The blue light went out on my unit about 2 days after guarantee ran out and it has sounded like a jumbo jet since! The noise of it was really annoying so I have unplugged it and put it in the shed until I am fed up with looking at it and take it to the dump.

  86. I agree with a lot of comments , these things use 60w of electric and are constantly on , after reading need to exchange and see how the new one performs

  87. hi, Andrew, my water filter packed up last night, 2 blue leds went out, the fan is not working any more, the blue chiller light does not work either, and also the breville badge on the front of it came off as well. i spoke to the manufacturers of this item, they have said that, i will have to buy a new one, seeing its not their fault, please note, if you look on the black base of the filter, their is a small code number stamped on it, it should read like 06w06 this is the year of manufacture, which means, it was made in this year for sale, even if you purchase a brand new one, and the manufactures date is 06 and you purchased it in 08, please be aware this only guarantees the item of receipt.

  88. Could not agree with you more.
    Just to add our experiences.
    The first one we purchaced broke down after 6 months and thinking we were just unlucky exchanged it for another… it’s now 6 months again and it’s broken down once more. Will NOT be exchanging it this time.
    I find the cooling almost constant which cannot be good for saving energy so it’s back to the filtered water in bottles in the fridge from now on.
    Thank you for your review.

  89. I bought the white Aqua Fountain from Argos in May 2007.It seemed O.K to begin with but as most other people have mentioned the fan seemed to be on a lot of the time & because of this decided to conserve energy & turn it off at nights but soon discovered it didn’t like that because when I turned it on again the fan would make a terrible din! I found if I turned it off then on again the racket would gradually die down so came to the conclusion I would just have to leave it on permanently. This year while we were away for 2 weeks in the summer I drained the unit & turned it off. On returning I turned it on & there was no sound at all and only 2 of the LED lights came on, it is not cooling at all! Unfortunatly the one year guarantee has now run out! I wish I had taken it back to begin with! I put it down to bad luck & won’t be making such an expensive mistake again! But I am obviously not the only one!

  90. I am now on my 8th Aqua Fountain in 26 months. That is an impressive 1 every 14 weeks. To date, I have had 6 motors die, 1 completely Dead On Arrival and my latest (which I had to pay for yet again) has ceased to dispense any water after 19 hours of use. This is the WORST product I have ever bought in my entire life and I would highly recommend anyone considering a purchase NOT TO !!.

  91. I too had problems with my water filter i.e. noisy fan, fan running all the time etc. It was almost two months out of warranty when I contacted Breville customer service. They could not have been more helpful. After I supplied them with the date code of manufacture along with my original purchase receipt, they asked me to box up the unit which was picked up by Citylink couriers and then appox 1 week later, a brand spanking new model turned up on my doorstep. So, even if yours is slightly out of warranty, it’s still worth contacting Breville Customer service.

  92. We bought one last April. I would have loved a fridge which dispenses cold water and ice, but no room. so this seemed like a great option. however we haven’t had any problems with temperature, but it is continually blocking up so no water comes out at all. Sometimes even if I open the valve at the bottom nothing comes out. We’re about to send it back. We do find it noisy as well.

  93. We are on our 5 unit now and it looks like this one has gone wrong. We have had Motor failure, frozen up, lights go, mildew in the spout and not it’s not in the sun, it’s not even by a window. The latest one is freezing up, as though the thermostat is not stopping the motor.

    We like the unit, but the build quality is rubbish. People are paying good money for these and they are breaking.

    When ever I have spoken to Brita/Breville they don’t seem to care that there are hundred of faulty ones out there, I just get told you will have to take it back to the shop where you brought it from, which again costs me money for petrol, parking and my time.

  94. My *guess* is that there’s such a huge mark up on these units, Brita / Breville and their retailers can afford the hassle replacing them?

    After three dead Aquas, we’ve been using the Brita Optimax Cool 8.5 Litre unit. The only thing that *can* go wrong with it is the tap leaking — and believe me, I expect it to break every day! Not that it seems like a poor quality item, it’s my trepidation due to my experience with the Aqua Fountain. Of course, the Optimax is HUGE and takes up a chunk of fridge space….

  95. One year ago I bought my third of the stainless version. I know, glutton for punishment and all that, but since I knew that they always fail at about the 12 month mark, I was smart IIthought) and bought the 3 year replacement cover at Argos. However, when it failed as expected, they point blank refused to replace it. It’s now shown in their catalogue under a different part number, although it looks identical to me, so they can get round honouring their warranty by claiming it’s a different model!
    Guess they’ve had to replace more than they expected to….

  96. We can beat that! Between ourselves and our daughter we are now on unit no 6 in 10 months! Problems have ranged from unchilled water to a noise like a moror bike in the kitchen! My husband has rung Breville at least 3 times in the past year and each time the managing director is overseas – holidaying on our money no doubt!

  97. Does this wonderfully imaginative gentleman really think we are all so gullible?
    Firstly he tells us his photo was taken at midnight of the lounge window of his house. Looks like first floor window above a shop facade to me and if it is, why is the street lamp out? Does he continually stand outside his lounge overnight just to make such a trivial moan? Has the photo been doctored …. I should cocoa! He’s trying to impress everyone that he’s a perfectionist, yet a four year old child could’ve taken a sharper and better balanced photo than HE has! So far then, a load of cobblers!Now ANYone who knows about the military, will tell you that a lighted cigarette can be spotted nearly a quarter of a mile away on a clear night and the face of a luminous watch can be seen 350 yards away. An led watch will actually light up it’s viewer’s face enough for a sniper to take him out at 500yds. Useless information? No, just illustrating how very little light can illuminate it’s surroundings in complete darkness.
    So far then we have been treated to the ramblings of a Walter Mitty. This guy would not buy ANYTHING without griping. Okay, he’s got some agreement, quite a lot really ……. IT SEEMS. Normally I wouldn’t waste my time or energy on such a moaner, but we bought FIVE of the plastic machines FOUR YEARS AGO. Not one complaint or moan from any of the 14 employees, except ….. “Why haven’t you filled the cooler up you lazy sod?!”
    The temperature is agreeable, not mind numbing (which is what our man seems to be suffering from); the lighting is modern and attractive (which sounds the Opposite of our man!); the reservoir is substantial enough (unlike our man’s ramblings) and the cost is NOT inhibitive.
    I have written for the thousands of people who are happy with their coolers but cannot be assed to respond to the pedantic time wasting rhetoric of a man who is so far up his own end, without anything to enrich his safe and boring existence, that he lives in a cocoon away from everyday reality.
    TO such person I say: GET A LIFE

    Regards and hopes for an early release from your self-imposed imprisonment ET

  98. I originally wasn’t going to publish the above comment – but changed my mind. Perhaps ‘ET’ does have a point, even if he decides to put it across in the nature he does.
    The reason that in the photo the ‘street lamp’ is off, is because that ‘street lamp’ is guttering. That is indeed a first floor flat, with a standard ground floor flat below it, not a shop.
    The photo was taken from a nokia phone – as the images EXIF data will conirm should you care to look – it is not doctored in any way. The light was far too bright for domestic use outside of the kitchen – and I strongly believe that it was a design failure that the light could not be turned off. The number of comments left agreeing with various aspects, and people’s comments about it’s reliability (which I have never commented on) do seem to suggest that the product isn’t that great. Perhaps I was unlucky, and got one that wasn’t performing as well as normal, maybe I do prefer my water a little cooler than everyone else – I don’t know. What I do know is that I paid good money to replace a cheaper water cooler that broke, and was dissatisfied with what I got. The internet being the kinda beast that is it gives every day people like myself the ability to voice their opinions – which is exactly what I’ve done. Sorry you feel the need to be childish, over reactive and hostile in your comment.

  99. Well, as the cliche goes: everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Having gone through too many of these units at no small expense, I would not recommend them to ANYONE anywhere. And despite ET’s success and fondness for the device, any kind of simple search on the web turns up far too many negative comments to believe that we, who’ve commented here about our problems, are only a handful in number.

  100. Looks like mine has given up tonight. Like a mug for the first time I impulse bought, spending £60 on this thing about 2 months ago. Placed it in the upstairs landing, away from all the heat in the kitchen. It broke down first about 2 weeks ago but I gave it a good tap, unplugged it and plugged it in again and it started working again. Now the blue temperature LED has gone out and the motor no longer runs, again. Tried the original solution again, but no cigar. It just suddenly stopped. Absolutely shit. Can’t even find the receipt to take it back. 60 pounds for two months…ridiculous. Gutted.

  101. just decided after reading this that i wont even bother sending mine back to get it fixed as its bound to break in 6 months anyway. was noisy, slow and had really annoying lights.

    I’m glad its dead”!

  102. i have the fillter in question, and i must say i love it the LED lights how cold my water is, and how much better its taste and my daughter loves it. ive never had any sort of problem with my.

  103. Hi all Just had my third unit fail…Heap of C**p if you ask me. Please note that the fuse, (In my unit) Was a Thermal fuse not a current based fuse. It is designed to blow at 94deg C. Please replace it with the correct one.. Just in case…

  104. As yest another disatisfied Aqua Fountain Customer I thought I wouild add my own comments. The first one leaked all the time so we took it back recieved a repacement that now drips from the spout all the time so we have to put a glass underneath to stop it overflowing. As we are now outside our 1 year warranty we can do nothing about it (we have asked). As with most other people here our temperature doesnt get low enough. This is what happens when a company like brita (always a good brand I beleive) gets involved with a another to make different parts – no one wants to take responsiblity for a bad design.

  105. Mine has just died after 9 months and I took it back to Downtown in Grantham. They refunded my money immediately as they didn’t stock them any longer due to the amount of returns they had received.

  106. We have just returned our second Aqua fountain in 18 months only to be told that we “are better off getting a refund instead of an exchange because we get 8 out of every 10 we sell back”. Great bit of customer service. Ours had similar problems described on here, blue ligh stopped working then unit over heated – lucky we were in week 51 so were able to return.

    Love the idea of the product, shame it can’t fulfil!

  107. I got mine from Woolworths clearance in Dec, just started using it, will let you know.

    Just as a point of interest, it’s not easy to find a good water cooler on a low budget. You may often find they break in a few months, have a plastic taste to the water, are hard to sanitise. I’ve bought a good few in the past from various manufacturers on eBay etc. None were any good. Proper water coolers cost proper money.

    So far my Aqua Fountain chills ok, and tastes ok. Manual implies when the blue * chilled light comes on the water is around 10’C and when the motor switches off it’s about 5’C. We’ll see what happens and if it lasts the summer.

    It may well turn out the Jugontheshelfinthefridge 2009 model may well return to fashion…

  108. I’m Glad I’ve stumbled over this forum as I brought a water fountain for my girlfriend , Its packed up inside 6 months of me owning it 🙁 and conseqeuently I’ve thrown the reciept ages ago . Anyhow having dismantled this The problem is as described in andrews post. Being a mechanical engineer I can see many flaws in this simple design . So these are the follwoing modifications I am going to make . I am going to try replacing th ethermal fuse with a thermal fuse with self restart , I am going to machine out the back of the heat sink and insert a copper core , I have ordered a fan with a higher CFM and lower wattage . The vents on the back I am going to machine them 1mm wider , I am Also go to look at the possiblity of plaing a small fan or improving the heatsink on the main power board in the top of the unit , I will of course let you know How I get on .

    But thank goodness for this forum as it might well cost me a bit of time and £20 quid to fix it but it save me buying a new one for a £100 and it going wrong again



  109. LOL! I wonder (and I’m only *half* joking here) whether there is a market for ‘fixing’ these bloody things????

    Well done for coming up with some ideas, I hope they work out OK for you.

  110. Mine died just a month outside the warranty. bought a new one 5 weeks ago and had to take that back today as the water stopped coming out. Was given a new one which I brought home filled with water and it leaked all over. Tomorrow I have to take that back and I will be asking for my money back, I am now left with another 4 Maxtra that we bought

  111. Hi Wish I had seen this site before I wasted £36 on E bay buying this potential death trap Britta Water Fountain,had to return the 1st one because it dripped 1 litre of water across the worktop and on to the floor over night,! WET FLOORS CAN INJURE
    sent it back cost £10 only to have it replaced with another leaking spout
    ! I guess the saying is correct A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED.

  112. I’ve gone through 2 of these – not replacements mind – 2 purchases; the old version where the breville filter cartridge lasted 3 months and the more recent britta cartridge, both lasted a little longer than one year – as mentioned the machine is just badly designed and should not be purchased, unless you have a cold room with filtered air in which you can put the product in. Id like to know though if anyone has found a similar product that actually works for example the russell hobbs aqua purity water chiller – anyone have a comment on that product.

  113. I have had mine for about a month now, personally the water temp for me is perfect and the water quality is fantastic, the unit looks great and I love the blue light, when I want it on. Sadly that is where the plus points will end. The water takes ages to filter through, the blue light cannot be turned off and is very bright, the water dispenses ridiculasly slowly, larger glasses are difficult to fit under the filling section and the filters are expensive. I used to buy bottled spring water from Lidl which are very cheap and just as cold if left in the fridge. I would have another but Breville and Brita need to get their heads together to sort the teething problems first.

  114. Totally agree that this Cooler is a waste of space and money. I purchased mine from Argos in Jan 2009 and was more than pleased for about a month. Then it failed to cool the water and the motor ran continually. It was replaced and the replacement worked well until August apart from a few problems with the water not being dispensed fast enough at times {just a trickle}. I took it back to Argos this morning and was told they do not stock it any more and got a full cash refund,which is unusual for Argos after 8 months.

  115. Our 2nd one has just failed Stainless type Not cooling, no heat coming from rear of unit. Thanks for your Info on disassembly Will have a go …might get back to you….Cheers

  116. I would contact trading standards. You can take them to court using the sale of goods act. The item doesent have to just last the warranty period. It should last a reasonable amount of time. Well worth the call. I can see them discontinuing these soon as they are so poorly made. I bought one of ebay for £30 and the fans breaking after 1 week! totall pile of crap.

  117. We are now on our 3rd.–
    1st one packed up just over 1 year old and Breville customer services replaced it without any quibble. replacement came but was the white one. We returned that one, then the correct one came out. Worked perfectly until 2 weeks ago (just under a year), keeps blocking up when powered but flows like niagra when powered off. Blue light doesnt work anymore but does chill.
    Back onto customer services tomm.
    will keep you guys updated.


  119. This is the second Breville/Brita water cooler the first one returned because the lights failed,but this one is hopeless,leakes around the sides and it is not overfilled also the brita filter gets an airlock that restricts the water flow,solution I take it out,how daft is that?I am going to try the Aquaport pola clear,so fingers crossed.

  120. Similarly disappointed with the lack of reliability with these coolers. However, my comment is on how many comments revolve around the algae and slime being experienced. If you follow the instructions to use Milton each month, then the unit does actually stay very clean and no blockages.
    The fan – diffferent matter altogether – it’s useless and the whole thing unfit for purpose.

  121. Just a quick note to say that I have written to Breville via their website, I have had 3 of the Aqua fountains all have had motor failures 2 have fortunately gone within the guarentee period (one only lasted 3 months) the last one has just gone the same way after 14 months. Unless I get some assurances from Breville that this obvious design fault has been fixed I will not be purchasing another.

  122. Ok Here’s my Story

    A little over 18 months ago, I purchased the White version of the Breville Aqua Fountain, this worked fine for about 6 months, albeit when performing a clean on it leaving it switched off for a while made the unit’s fan very noisy for a few minutes after starting it up again. I was happy to live with this noise for a few minutes after startup however, this is where it all goes downhill

    I contacted Breville in Manchester, UK as there was a lot of white flakes in the water when obtaining water from the Dispenser, Breville advised that I need to flush some Vinegar through the unit to get rid of any limescale build up…….Hang on a minute, the Britta Filter is supposed to remove limescale so how can this be? Nevertheless I did what Breville Asked and this resolved the issue, but after a month or so the Fan remained constantly on and the Unit was no longer cooling the water. So I took the unit back to Argos for replacement

    My 2nd Unit I never had the limescale problem with, bit strange as I’m using the same water supply, but after about 8 or 9 months the unit dies on me, two of the LED’s didn’t light up and the power Switch LED was as dead as a dodo, and the unit fan failed to Spin, again another Trip to Argos to have the unit replaced.

    My 3rd unit has worked fine until this weekend, where the fan is constantly on, blowing cold air out the back of the unit as opposed to Warm air it would normally produce, and guess what, the unit no longer cools the water, so same fault as the first one. This time I am asking Breville to replace it as I’m sure the guys at Argos are going to Question why the unit has to be replaced yet again

  123. Thanks everybody / fellow sufferers on here!

    Has anybody had any luck with Trading Standards with these issues? It seems to me that warranty dates are irrelevant f the unit was designed & built to a standard that isn’t of ‘merchantable quality’. Any solicitors / lawyers/ law students on here?

    We’re on our 4th unit and thankfully all have been swapped out within warrantee but now we have two further ‘sick ones’! Do Breville or Brita even care about their Customers o for that fact, any likely future sales? Maybe we should be addressing their shareholders?

  124. Another thanks for everyone – I thought the two faulty ones that we had (brought 3 at the same time) was an isolated incident. Anyway Costco were very good with refunding our payment – no offer to replace it.
    Any recommendations on what to replace it with if you don’t want a jug in the fridge/

  125. Well perhaps we were lucky to have had one last for nearly 3yrs. However, it’s a pain when you are fully stocked up with the cartridges and wavering on whether to tempt fate and get another one.If anyone knows of another product to take these cartridges it would be helpful.Thanks for all the comments-what an eye opener!

  126. Hi there, I have had eight units and now the last one has just broken down after 16mths so cannot get money back, I do like the model but they do not last a year normally, my Mother and Daughter have had the same problems,John Lewis have said they have been taken off the Market now

  127. Hi there, I have had eight units and now the last one has just broken down after 16mths so cannot get money back, I do like the model but they do not last a year normally, my Mother and Daughter have had the same problems,John Lewis have said they have been taken off the Market now

  128. Well all these negative responses. I bought mine 3 months ago from Robert Dyas and have enjoyed every minute of it. No more lugging water bottles from the supermarkets and yes it has saved me money. I followed instructions and have had no problems. Just put my second filter in and the water tastes good. I have mine in my kitchen and I love the blue light, especially at night time, find it very relaxing, does get a little noisy but have got used to it now. Dont be put off purchasing one. I have been buying bottled water for many years now and am so glad to put that one to bed.

  129. We bought ours 4 months ago from Robert Dyas and the motor has died overnight. Am about to ring the Breville number and will be quoting all these reviews so wish me luck!

    Of course I now can’t find the receipt!

  130. I purchased the same product 1 year and 5 months ago and it has stopped working the motor has gone, it was loud on /off as you have too stated and i rang Brita to be told if it was the motor i needed to ring Breville, who then told me the product only has a years warranty and that they do not repair but if i have my receipt (which I still do) then I can write a letter in to see if they can give me a voucher discount off another machine!!! I complained that at a cost of £80 you do not expect the motor to break after less than 18 months, Breville refused to comment. I am to write a letter and see what response but I am very unhappy as I used this machine daily but would not pay for another especially at the RRP of £110 now!!

  131. One thing good about Breville, well two.. They have very good customer service and very helpful whether your item is in or out of warranty.

    My Silver Aqua Fountain breakes down just about every 13 Months and i am on my 4th one now. I keep it constantly as you should. The fan comes on far to often and eventually starts to seize up. once the fan stops it not only overheats it will not chill as this is nessesery for the coolong process. When you start to get the wizzing noises then thats the time to return it. I dont know about rest of World (I know its common for 3 year Guarantee in Europe) Here in UK it is 1 Year Warranty but dont let that put you off… Under warrany / guarantee take it back to the store any longer than that then contact Breville. Be polite and honest to them and they will still replace it to you at there discretion. They will even Drop a new one off to you as they pick up the broken one if you ask nicely.

    At the end of the day this is a great Item but with 1 Flaw… It uses a Fan. All fans will breakdown after a set period of stress. The light doesnt bother me as my media station and electric points glow far stronger than that with just the 100’s of standby lights on (Bit like the old startrek lol)

    Small request: Please Visit my new Free Social Network with loads of freebees 😉

  132. I can’t stop it dripping. Overnight it fills a glass full of water. Am I doing something wrong? Can anybody help please

  133. I have also had problems with green slime inside the kettle. It is at the top and inside the handle part. How can we get rid of this?

  134. I have had mine for two years, recently the blue LED light does not come on anymore, I always turn it off and night. So far, the water has been coolish, considering the much warmer temperatures we are now experiencing, I cannot complain.

  135. My Breville Brita was purchased in April 2010 and is dispensing RUSTY water as the internal spring is not stainless steel.Two and a half months of being nearly poisoned & suffering from a rash, rusty water is not good for you.If you are thinking of purchasing one DO NOT.

  136. i have had 3 of theses thay are not worth the money all thay do is break down and are VERY VERY sh– . KEEP WELL AWAY FROM THEM

  137. I have this water filter too and have to say that I am disappointed in the temperature, albeit 10 degrees. I too get irritated that I have to leave the light on and though it is pleasing to the eye, I don’t want it on when I am not in the room to see it. It takes a long time to cool the water, and my fridge beats it every time. I am worried that the spring inside is not stainless steel and that someone is dispensing rusty water. Frankly I wish I had never bought it.

  138. I have had a Breville AQUA FOUNTAIN for over two years, yes the tempreture could do with being cooler but its better than from the tap also suggest you buy Laica filters about half the price of Brita

  139. Hi. I fully agree with your comments. The water always seems to be chilling and the blue led at the front to indicate it has reached its proper temperature is never on. Complete waste of £100.

  140. Purchased one of these in May and it has packed in. Haven’t contacted Robert Dyas where I bought it yet to see if they will refund but I agree with all your comments.

    1. contact breville direct and they will give you a complete refund. You Cant get another one as the have now been discontinued

  141. Mine doesn’t seem to cool anymore either, not sure it ever did but seems always to be room temperature – not happy at all with the product. Should have stuck with a jug in the fridge – very disappointed.

  142. Now on our sixth cooler! Mad you may think but I’ve always got Brita filters to use up and as the machine always breaks down within 12 months there’s never a problem in refunds. This is a totally unreliable machine, with a variety of faults – noisy, not cooling, no power. This is the sort of item which Trading Standards should ban. Don’t buy – unless you’ve got a lot of Brita filters to use!!

    1. I wonder if that’s because of mold build up like someone else had – I really hope not though, because that might mean you’ve been drinking water that’s been filtered though mold for some time ! Happened to me once with a coffee machine, was quite horrible to discover that!

  143. I have now got two of these Aqua Fountains that dont work. When they worked they were brilliant but now they do not cool the water. My first one lasted about 8 months and when I enquired in John Lewis if they sold them they said not any more, when I expained the problem I was informed that it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to pay the postage and the repair costs, so I bought a new one 7 months ago which had all singing and dancing lights on it which I never used, again this worked brilliantly until 2 weeks ago and now it doesnt chill anymore. I phoned up Pulse Home Products Ltd today then eventually when someone did answer I was told by a very abrupt young girl to return it to where I bought it from, then the phone went down. Hows that for confidence in a product and after sales service

  144. I have now had three machines pack up in less than a year. I am taking the latest one back today for a refund. They last about 3 months each. They are a good dea but do not last and are of a poor quality.

  145. I am just returning my fifth machine. All mine have had the same problem. Freezing up, so no water flow. It takes five hours for them to defrost enough to get a drink. Turn it back on and it freezes again.

  146. i brought my first machine in the summer of 2006, and have had it replaced many times since then, as they all have stopped chilling way before the 1 year warranty ran out, it is annoying that the same fault has occurred on every machine, but having said that i do much prefer it to jugs in fridges, as my hands are not very good for holding jugs

  147. On our second machine. First one lasted 13 months and when we contacted Breville we were told it wasn’t worth repairing. As we had paid over £100 for it, we were very disappointed. Managed to find one at Tesco direct, much cheaper, in May and that has only lasted 5 months. The water is so cold we can’t drink it!
    A real shame as it was really useful, not having to have bottles of water in fridge.
    Have seen them for sale in Comet, advertised as discontinued, surely they should be withdrawn. Will really miss it! Anyone know of anything like it? Reliable, of course.

  148. It is gratifying to know I am not alone! I too have had four machines and had to return them all, at least they refund. Great idea, but not man enough for the job

  149. Yes what a rubbish product. I have had six of these dont know why i bothered or gave it a chance. Same problem with all of them didnt chill,leaking.
    Shame on you Breville and your useless quality control.

  150. Both my Mother and Myself have had a total of 23 machines in the last two years. Even though the Aqua Fountain looks good it breaks down after a few weeks. The staff at our local Comet now know us by name and always kept 2 in stock knowing we would eventually be back to replace them. They have now been discontinued and I believe replaced by a more expensive model RRP £120, which we are reluctant to purchase.

  151. ive got to say i do love it but i had 3 in less then 6 months but my last one has lasted 18 months and has packed up today i am now missing it and am looking to get another one was hoping that they had improved the product by now but it appears not ! i must mention while i am writing having read the reply by breville it says “Firstly, the vast majority of Aqua Fountain purchasers over the past 2 years have been very happy with the performance of our product” i was wondering how they now this to be true and if so then why have they withdrawn the product????

  152. Dont bother buying this product! I have had three replaced in two years, and my currant one has just broken! It seem’s to keep the water cold for only a few month’s. Just phoned Breville to complain and they said there is nothing they can do as this product is no longer made.

  153. I have had a breville aqua fountain for approx. 6 years and in that time I think the machine has been exchanged about 3 times for various reasons. Mostly a vibrating noise, the machine that I have at this moment in time is about 2 years old and it will not fill up properly and it dispences water at just a trickle. I have been in touch with the customer services dept. and in a nut shell they say hard luck!!!!!!!!

    1. I had this problem as well, not filling up and dispensing at a trickle. I know you shouldn’t have to do it, but pull up the filter ever so slightly and this will let it fill. For dispensing, slightly lift the top plastic section from the lower one as you fill a glass. You can let it back down after a few seconds. i think the thing gets airlocked!!

      1. Take it back and ask for a full refund because it is not ‘fit for the purpose’ i.e. doe not do what it is advertised as doing. If you keep it and put up with the hit and miss flow, it eventually breaks down (with a themostat fault). Even if this happens only a few days outside the “warranty period” you will be told (on Tel: 016165212111) we don’t repair them. Get a refund ASAP.

  154. I bought a new Breville Aqua Fountain on Ebay 3 years ago, but due to moving home etc didn´t start to use it untill July last year, the automatic didn´t work from the begining so I fixed a time swich to go on and off every couple of hours, now it has packed in altogether and its back to the jug in the fridge, does anyone know of anyone who repairs these machines in the Alicante area in Spain, if so I would be very much obliged for the info. [email protected]

  155. I have just cleaned out my Breville Aqua Fountain polished it and is ready to go back into its box ready for the attic!
    I have the stainless steel version and if my memory is correct I think I paid well over a £100 for this product 18 months ago. It worked well enough for the first twelve months or so – and I would agree that the blue light is very annoying and the machine kept coming on frequently. Now the cooler has packed up completley and after phoning Britta and Breville they do not want to know – it they cannot even advise me where I could have this machine repaired. However apart from losing my money I am glad to see the back of it. Its noisy – fiddly to fill – will not sit on kichen work surfaces unless there is sufficient headroom to lift the lid, and I am convinced that it was eating up my electricity.

    1. Same happened with me, and my husband is convinced like you that it eats electricity, we turned everything off and the meteor was still going at a speed,, no refund for me either just over the twelve months can anyone recommend a similar cooler as smart looking . Please????

  156. I bought the stainless steel version sometime last year. It was ok for sometime but later started making a lot of noise. Eventually packed up. Got is replaced though and replacement worked fine till I got rid of it on ebay


  158. I have had this now for a number of years and have now found the sping under the reservoir has gone rusty and is on the brink of breaking. Any ideas where I might order a new spring?

  159. Dear Breville/brita,
    My wife wanted a water filter cooler so we invested in the breville,bought at tesco, we took it back for exchange 3 times and decided to stick with the fourth one, then the motor started making a dry bearing sound, eventually it stopped working it was of coarse out of warrenty by then.
    We also bought a breville/brita filter kettle,(silly us), that takes ages to switch off and now also leaks like mad all over the electrical plate and worktop. also out of warrenty,(just). Considering the cost of these two items I think they should last longer than they did. It would seem that repairing them would be very uneconomical. council dump here they come!!!.

  160. Ditto! Loved it while it worked – on my second one but it too has stopped working – does not chill anymore. Think I will look for a full refund from Brita as obviously this has been an on-going problem. Product not fit for purpose.

  161. Just noticed green algae again with 2 blue lights out, compressor doesn’t run is this the end of this and is it now fit for the water cooler factory in the sky

  162. FAO Chris,

    I note you say that you can get a full refund from Breville. Breville appears to be a just a trading name belonging to Pulse Home Products Ltd who are refusing to repair, replace or give a refund for the Aqua Filter we bought our daughter for Christmas (still under manufactures warranty) – the chiller has stopped working. Do you have an alternative contact that might prove more helpfull (we got it on eBay)

  163. i was unlucky to buy this off ebay only a few weeks ago,the blue lights work fine but the cooler switch as now stopped going blue,does this mean chiller is broke ( water still pretty cold) can bulb be changed ? any help will be fab

  164. i have jst red ur comments on breville aqua fountain i 2 purchased thiis item and after the guarantee ad jst run out the chiller would not turn off afta reaching its temp on contacting breville they advised me to go to a repairer i could not find anyone and wen contacting breville again and speaking 2 someone else i was told it was unrepairable and they could not help me sorry

  165. I purchased my metallic Breville Aqua Fountain from Comet. Aesthetically pleasing, it was a convenient size to place on a surface in the corner of the kitchen. It packed up within 12 months of purchase after developing an intermittent grinding noise (which could only be stopped by switching the unit off for a couple of hours and then re-starting). Comet replaced the defective unit which lasted a little longer. First the blue light went and then annoying grinding sound returned before the unit ceased functioning altogether. Breville has discontinued this product and Comet will not refund outside the warranty. The vendor was unable to recommend a source to repair.

    Like others I propose taking the matter up directly with the manufacturer although, legally, if not fit for purpose or of adequate (merchantable) quality (an assessment that ultimately has to be made by a judge in the Small Claims Court), the seller is primarily liable.

    With so many complaints of a similar nature there must be something inherently wrong either with the product (or the corporate system of quality control testing it). Either way the issue needs to be taken up in the interests of all consumers.

  166. I have now had 3 and they seem to last just past the guarantee period and then give up the ghost! Great while they were working. Will now go back to using a jug I suppose.

  167. I too have had a number of the stainless steel aqua fountains, the very first one continually dripped and leaked water all over worktop all the time, sent back for replacement, which only chilled water for 5months then packed up, sent back for another exchange, to get one and the same problem reoccured, supplier would not exchange again, and breville brita won’t give a refund so stuck with £120.00 worth of rubbish. DO NOT BUY THESE AS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, And manafacturer back up service is useless, most dissapointed with this whole saga.

    1. My daughter gave me her aqua water fountain, brand new. Now I dont have the instructions. It is noisey, I have open plan living room. I dont know if I should switch it off periodically or leave it on all the time. I do switch it off at night as its noisy. It has improved the taste of my water coming from the tap. In the South West here our water is dreadful, I hope this will save me buying bottled water which is proving expensive. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to operate it. Thank you.

  168. I have had a cooler for over 6 years and its been great. It packed up about two weeks ago and we really miss it. Please tell me where I can buy another, Thanks

  169. Bought an older version than the chilling one mentioned @ start above. Presto, the Belgian distributor drops Breville line. So .. no more filters available. I bought up the last few replacement cartridges remaining for sale in the Benelux! Now the whole machine dies one day recently. After a FEW tries (tone getting more desperate each time I mailed them!), learn they’re represented by a SWISS firm now apparently. Said firm will NOT answer any of my correspondence. On their web site, even water filters are no where listed as being in their product range. So the manufacturer bumps me off, the distributor no longer exists, and replacement distributor several countries away .. will not respond. So I am stuck with the dead machine & a supply of now useless cartridges (very costly). Great company. I would sue if I lived closer, but then they surely know that so they ignore!

  170. I think pooky is spot on n shld contact the ombandsman/office of fare trading… My breville Brita aqua fountain has now packed up after showing a blue flashing light… It’s a shame

  171. I have one which did cool well for a while, got very noisy and then stopped chilling – the fan bearings had gone . they just used a fan from a computer for the cooler and i thought that as it’s out of guarantee I could replace the motor / fan easily – however I think the assembly is made not to be taken apart or repaired. If anyone knows the trick to disassembling I’d be interested to know. It only needs a new fan.


  173. Not happy with mine as it needs cleaned periodically but is very difficult to get in to give it a good clean out. Rather disappointed

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