phplondon08 – the 'crazy guy' mail

As you’ll know from my previous post, I was ‘heckled’ during the Q&A of the framework talk I did. This wasn’t aimed at me, but rather at all 3 of us on the panel, and more importantly, at ‘MVC’ frameworks as we commonly see them today. Marcus Boniton also mentions this incident on his blog.

Personally, I don’t think he’s a crazy guy, I just like the title and find it quite amusing 😉

I pointed the ‘crazy guy’ to my previous blog entry, where he replied to an author of one of the comments, and CCed me in. I thought it was a very interesting mail, so it’s included below. I put this here with full permissions from Mike.

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phplondon08 – My symfony talk

I talked at PHPLondon Conference 08 yesterday. I’m putting my slides online, here they are!

My phplondon08 symfony Presentation

I got slightly heckled, and was amazingly nervous because it was my first time talking, but I think it went well! Apparently the audio recordings will be available at some point, I’ll update this post when they are.