Connecting to the Internet via bluetooth using a Nokia on OS X

I recently got a new MacBook, thanks to my employer – Timico. Believe it or not, my previous laptop I ran Windows Vista on – and despite Linux usually being my OS of choice, I got on well with Vista. For me, things ‘just works’, and on that list of things that ‘just work’ was Nokia’s ‘One Click’ internet access tool included in the Nokia windows software. This tool makes it dead easy to connect via bluetooth, it really was just a matter of selecting your network provider, and clicking a button.

I typed a few things into google to try to figure out how to get OS X to connect via bluetooth over my N95 or E71 mobile phone. I found all sorts of confusing articles suggesting I needed to download scripts and place them somewhere, and jump over a few hurdles. Frankly, I couldn’t be bothered to mess about with that kind of thing, I wanted things to just work like they did in Windows.

Despite the confusion caused by the various articles on the internet, it’s actually surprisingly easy to setup – so I thought I would document it here for others. Simply go to the bluetooth menu, and select to ‘Set up a bluetooth device’, follow though the obvious settings. The last step in the wizard has a tick box labeled ‘Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection’. Ensure it’s ticked, and click next.

These settings are for Vodafone contract (PAYG is different apparently) in the UK, a quick google of something like ‘GPRS settings <country> <provider>’ should allow you to find the settings you need.

Username web
Password web
APN internet

Save these settings. I like to have ‘show bluetooth status in menu bar’ and ‘show modem status in menu bar’ selected, that choice is yours. It is now as easy as going into network preferences (or using the menu status in the menu bar) and clicking ‘connect bluetooth’ to connect to the internet. This works perfectly for me in OS X 10.5.6.

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