Easier stalking with bitlbee and irssi

I wanted to find a way to make it easier to see when people came online with Bitlbee and Irssi. I already use a split screen with hilightwin.pl so that privmsgs and highlighted messages appear in a window at the top, so I wanted to find a way of using that.

The Method

I’ve used a combination of trigger.pl, and the built in NOTIFY support. NOTIFY allows you to get a notification of poeple coming online – however it outputs this information to the status window, which I generally don’t pay much attention to. It allows you to specify specific networks to monitor for nicks coming online too, the usage is like this:

/NOTIFY [-away] <mask> [<ircnets>]

So to be notified about bob coming onto bitlbee, I do:

/NOTIFY bob bitlbee

To view your current list of notifications, just type ‘/notify’.

Assuming you have scriptassist installed (if you don’t, google it, and install it 🙂 ) – you can trigger.pl like this:

/scriptassist install trigger.pl

The trick is to add a trigger to hook into the notify_join event, and echo a line into your highlight window. To do this, just do:

/trigger add -notify_join -command 'echo -window hilight $N IS NOW ONLINE'

And that’s it! When people on your notify list come online a message is now displayed in your highlight window. Don’t forget to do a /save to write your config out.

3 thoughts on “Easier stalking with bitlbee and irssi”

  1. I use trigger.pl and prowl.pl and run a copy of prowl on my iphone,
    If I’m not attached to the screen and I’m highlighted or privmsg’d then I’ll get a push notification to the iphone with the contents of the message.

  2. You don’t want to know what I was Googling to find this. But it’s bloody typical it would end up being your blog!

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