Expanding a Dell PERC H800 RAID array with additional MD1200 shelves

Here is a short guide to creating a RAID 10 array on a PERC 800.  In my case, additional drives were added via 2 new MD1200 which were chained onto the existing shelves.

Download megacli – http://www.lsi.com/support/pages/download-search.aspx

List unconfigured drives like this:


I then tried to create the array, and hit an error. This error is a little misleading as I found out…

I tried again with only a few drives and found this error:

The problem was that the MD1200 shelves had been used on a different controller before (as I was lab testing this) and therefore were considered foreign. this can be seen like this:

Also this shows it:

Clear out the foreign settings like this:

And create the R10 array as follows, notice this spans 2 shelves just fine:

The new array shows up instantly – see the logs here:

All that needs to happen then is the creation of a partition and file system. You may want to use LVM, I didn’t as can be seen here:

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  1. Thank you so much! This saved me a tremendous amount of time. My initial configuration got messed up and I could get past the foreign settings.

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