Irssi – making it beep when your nick is mentioned

Irssi by default will highlight your nickname, but that actually requires you to be looking at the screen. I wanted to make irssi beep when someone mentioned my nick, so that I didn’t have to actively monitor the tab in konsole. Here’s how to do it.

/set bell_beeps ON

19 thoughts on “Irssi – making it beep when your nick is mentioned”

  1. I think it is beacuse your terminal app. You probably need to turn sounds on at your terminal preferences.

  2. Is it possible to make it work on a tty? I run irssi on a tty terminal because I want to read IRC messages while playing a game, and I need some message notification…

  3. If you set bell_beeps on, that does not make it beep when someone highlights you.

    It actually does something far worse. It makes the beep control code send a beep to your terminal.

  4. If it isn’t beeping check that your screen session (if you’re using one), terminal and desktop sound settings are configured correctly.
    screen “Ctrl-A :vbell off”
    gnome-terminal Edit > Profile Preferences. Check the Terminal Bell box.
    gnome alert sounds Preferences > Sound will allow you to set the sound and volume for alerts. For debugging you can send a beep manually using echo -e “a”. Hey pookey, Termisoc says hi.

  5. Works like a charm! Thank you very much!
    It’s a little sad that IRSSI doesn’t have a complete help section, some help sections for some cmds aren’t there, so really glad there’s guys out here on the interwebz that can help! =)

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