Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec - 13:48

Good Day,

I want you to read this message very carefully, and keep the secret with you till further notice, You have no need of knowing who i am, where am from,till i make out a space for us to see, i have being paid $50,000.00 in advance to terminate your life with some reasons listed to me by my employer, its one i believe you call a friend. i have followed you closely for one week and three days now and have seen that you are innocent of the allegation.

Do not contact the police or F.B.I or try to send a copy of this message to them, because if you do i will know, and might be pushed to do what i have being paid to do, beside this is the first time i turned out to be a betrayer in my job.

Now listen..!!!! i will arrange for us to see face to face but before that i will be needing your co-operation with me and you will have nothing to be afraid of. I will be coming to see you in your office or home depending where you wish we meet,do not set any camera to cover us or set up any tape to record our conversation,my employer is in my control now. i will give you the tape that contains his request for me to terminate your life which will be enough evidence for you to take him to court(if you wish to), then the balance will be paid later. You don’t need my phone contact for now till am assured you are ready to comply good.

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 17 Dec - 14:56

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me. I had a feeling she might do this at some point.

Strange she would choose to use USD as a method of payment, but I can only assume that's because paying in her native currency would be traceable.

I suggest we meet as soon as possible. However, considering the circumstances I think it's important we both wear a disguise. I have a pair of fake glasses and a stick on mustache that I got at a PoundLand store - a great collection of different styles for only £1. Do you have a preferred style of mustache you'd like me to stick on for the meeting? If you could wear a red christmas jumper with flashing LED lights it would help me identify you. I will see you outside my office tomorrow at 17:30

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec - 15:16

Before i could see you tomorrow, i will have to get a compensation fee of $20,000.00 from you. i consider you to be very fortunate because this is the first time i turn out to be a betrayer in my job.

get back to me asap so i could get you my informations to receive the money

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 17 Dec 15:29

It's going to take me a few months to get that kind of money, as I'll have to sell my house and take back the 100 boxes of fake mustaches I purchased hoping to pass them on at a profit to you and your friends once I had managed to infiltrate the Guild of Assassins.

Before we proceed though, I have been told that all members of the Guild of Assassins know a secret handshake. If I am to believe your emails, I simply request a video of you showing me the handshake. Look forward to seeing your video.

All the best,

Sir Ian of Nottingham - Great Great Grandson of Robin.

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec 15:55

Are u trying to insult my intelligence or what?. This is not a game nor joke, killing is my passion.

are u ready to co-operate with me or not?

i only thought u still got more to do on earth that is why i message you.

if u are not ready to co operate with me, i will have to kill u tomorrow.

good bye

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]>17 Dec 16:12

I meant no offence at all, and I'm sorry you took it that way.

If you give me your address I'll pop round tonight with a briefcase full of cash for you. I'll raid my monopoly set tonight and see what's in it, fairly sure I'll have close to £20,000. If I'm a bit short on cash, will you consider an exchange of Park Lane? It does have 1 hotel and 2 houses on it, so think carefully about my offer I believe it to be a fair one.

All the best,


Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me17 Dec 16:35

I need not your offer because i'm blessed with enough wealth and riches. All i want is a compensation fee of $20,000.00 to satisfy my mind according to the principles of my job but since you are ready to comply with me and you are a bit short on cash , i want you to send 10,000 to this information in the next 1hour and get back to me with the payment informations.

name: vicki hampton

address: 2 valley view village drive sweetwater tennessee 37874 united state of americaV

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]>17 Dec 16:38

Vicki Hampton?

*The* Vicki Hampton?

I think there's been some kind of mix up. Didn't we go to school together and make out in the bike sheds. I laughed at you because you had broccoli in your teeth and you got bullied about it for years. Is that what this is really about??

If you give me your bank details I'll send over some money, and I'll post out a Christmas card to the address you gave.

Really sorry about that Vicki, kids can be real cruel can't they?

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec 16:43

nevermind.. goodbye i will kill you tomorrow

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 17 Dec 16:51


I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you stop emailing me that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec 16:53

wow interesting.. your time to send the money still count

money is all i need.. i will kill you. i swear with my life

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 17 Dec 17:37

ok ok , send me your paypal and I'll see what I can do.

please don't kill me

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec 18:01

your time is still counting., only do as i say !!!!!

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 17 Dec 18:12

What do you want me to do? I can't take cash to that address / it's in America!

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec 19:21

Go and send the money via western union to the address.

Your time still counts.. no games

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 17 Dec 19:29

I don't bank with Western Union. I've heard they are used for too many dodgy deals.

Is it possible for you to just shoot me and aim for my left breast pocket? I'll make sure my bible is in it which should stop the bullet - and if we do it in a public place people will assume I'm dead. I can then disappear into hiding and you can claim the full $40,000 from the original contractor. I'll be prepared to do this for just $5,000. You'll be $35,000 up and everyone is happy.

Please let me know if we have a deal and I'll start to plan my new secret life.

Out of interest if I find somewhere nice to vanish to would you like to join me, it could be good to have somebody who is an assassin around.

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 17 Dec 20:10

Now I can see that you are really guilty of the allegation against you. Be ready to die any moment from now.. I don't do shit

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 17 Dec 21:06


Can we just have a rock, paper, scissors duel? Best out of 5 - if I win I get to live, and if you win you can kill me.

Additionally thought, and I know I'm perhaps being cheeky to ask, can I choose how you kill me? If at all possible, I'd like to be drowned in kittens. Preferably lion cubs as I've always wanted to strike a baby lion - but failing that I guess any kind of moggie will do.

Respectfully yours,


from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]mail.com> 18 Dec 08:59


Could you give me a few extra days of live, as I've not finished my Christmas shopping yet. Whilst I do appreciate you must make good on your contract to kill me, I think this time of year we should spend a little longer to consider those around us. If I am to die, please give me the gift of allowing me to give my friends and family a final gift.

Look forward to hearing back from you,


PS. I still have a selection of mustaches should you want to change your mind about meeting - but please remember it's conditional on you having a Christmas jumper.

Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 18 Dec 12:25

you fucking bastard. how dare you put our conversation on facebook.. i'm gonna kill you and everyone that comments on that post. fuck you asshole shit, i promise im gonna blow off your fucking skull.. i thought u gonna co-operate with me,.. i hate you..!!!! hate you...!!! i got no good attitude..; i will kill you...

my name is igor the assassin..!!!! bastards.. we are monitoring you everywhere, everymoment and everytime.. say your last prayer

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 18 Dec 13:01


Please calm down. I simply was posting to say my goodbye to my friends and explaining why I was about to die.

Have you considered retiring from killing and becoming a novelist? Your colorful use of the English language is mesmerizing - you have a wonderful way of expressing your true feelings.

Kind regards,


Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 18 Dec 13:03

you think this is a joke?. i'm coming for you in the next one hour

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 18 Dec 13:09

Can we make it two hours? I'm just popping out to go car shopping

Thanks mate, and see you soon.

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 18 Dec 14:36

Been car shopping - quite tempted by the new car I looked at. It's far more sporty than my current car so it's tempting. However, there's no point buying it if I'm going to be dead. Can you please let me know if I'm going to die soon, as you're already late for my killing - perhaps traffic is bad.

All the best,


Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 21 Dec 15:58

No game play.. watch your back, I will come for u at anytime u never expect me..

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 21 Dec 16:04

Hi Igor,

Great to hear from you - I was worried something might have happened to you over the weekend as I'd not heard from you and I am still alive.

Did you have a good weekend? I hope it wasn't a busy one, I imagine at this time of year many people might be treating themselves to contracts on people they would prefer not to live into the New Year. My weekend wasn't too bad, I went to visit some relatives I'd not seen for a while. I thought it was best I spend time with family as my time is now quite valuable.

By the way - I decided not to buy that new car.

Kind Regards,


Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 22 Dec 12:193

u will die

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 22 Dec 12:39

Igor - nothing is certain but death and taxes.

We are all going to die. Even you my friend will one day no longer be able to do your important killing work because you'll be dead.

You'll pass on. You'll be no more. You'll cease to be. You'll expire and go to meet your maker. A stiff, bereft of life, resting in peace. Kicked the bucket, shuffled off your mortal coil, run down the certain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible.

Out of interest, what do you have planed for Christmas? It seems there's a big debate here as to if turkey or goose is the correct bird to eat at Christmas. Although, if you're planning on spending it alone I have seen microwaveable Christmas meals for one in my local supermarkets freezer isle. If you have one, you will let me know how they are won't you? I'll need to let my significant other if they are any good in case she'll be alone next Christmas.

Festive greetings to you and your fellow assassins,


Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 05 Jan 05:33

I will kill you soon. .

from me to Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> 05 Jan 09:35

Good morning Igor

I thought you were going to kill me last year, however I know what it's like; the Christmas and New Year celebrations get in the way of work. It's really hard to keep your mind focused on your day job during this period. I'm pleased to know that you take your work seriously though, and that you're picking things back up on the first working day back after New Year!

Did you have a good break? I hope you spent it with family and friends, assuming they are all still alive. I imagine it's fairly common for loved ones of an assassin to get caught up in the crossfire sometimes. I guess if it wasn't for Bruce Wayne's parents getting killed we wouldn't have Batman - and where would the world be without Batman? I'd love to hear your story one day, and find out what it is that drove you to becoming a hired assassin.

All the best,


Igor the Assassin <[email protected]> to me 05 Jan 14:18

lol.. its okay

i decided not to kill you anymore and wanna be a friend of yours.. u touched my heart with the level of your courage.. have a lovely weekend and may God prosper you in all you do.. please lets keep in touch