Sending multipart email from a Task in symfony 1.4

I recently needed to send the result of an action in symfony via email daily. E-mail has changed slightly in symfony 1.3/1.4 – here’s how I did it. I really don’t like my solution at all, the use of get_partial() from within a Task seems very wrong to me – but I’m in a rush so it will do for now, I’d love to hear feedback

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Embedded forms using Javascript with sfForm

I wanted to create a form that allowed me to dynamically add sub-forms via JS, without round-trips to the server. I had a bit of a google, but failed to find much of use – so I wrote my own. This article contains my code for a proof of concept, and a brief description of what it does. It is proof of concept, and done as an example, so code isn’t done perhaps as I might do in a real configuration, but I hope it provides help to others.

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Filtering Postini tagged mail with Sieve

The headers Postini’s anti-spam system adds to emails are quite hard to filter on, as you need to compare part of one header to part of another. Here’s a little snipped that works with dovecot 1.2’s sieve implementation. I don’t actually use this myself anymore, but I’m posting it here for anyone else struggling with the problem.

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