9 thoughts on “phplondon08 – My symfony talk”

  1. Congrtulations Ian! I thought the session was good and symfony came out well. I did hear a gasp from behind me when you said that about 40 files were required for one action – I don’t think they understood that included the core framework 😉

  2. Thanks Mike!
    I have absolutely no idea how many files are included at all! Each model is 4 files I guess…. I have a feeling I might have been a little low with 40. Still, I’ve have a symfony site serving 4-6 million hits a month, and it runs off one server – APC takes off a lot of the ‘sting’ from having so many files. I imagine the optimization plugin can make a large difference with this too. If anyone does have any idea how many files are included in one action, I’d love to know!

  3. Hi Ian, I attended phplondon08 I thought your symfony talk was very good. I use Zend Framework myself, but was impressed by your talk.

    I don’t think you where heckled. There was a crazy guy trying to pick on every framework out there, he just decided to do that after your talk.

  4. Thanks for the feedback James!

    I’m going to look at Zend Framework when I get a chance, I think it’s important not to be closed minded about frameworks. I’m also going to look at Agavi – as this was the framework the ‘crazy guy’ talked about 🙂 I spent a while talking to him after, and I’m very interested to see how Agavi compares.

  5. Agavi?!

    That’s a fork of Mojavi… the controller section of which is used by Symfony! Hard to know where to start really…



  6. You do realize that symfony, like Agavi, is a Mojavi fork, don’t you? And that symfony has more Mojavi heritage in it than Agavi.

  7. Yep.

    I looked at Agavi about the time it forked from Mojavi, but the docs weren’t good enough at the time. Presumably, they are much better now.

    Its also good to see that the Ajavi project has taken on a life of its own and is forging its own path.



  8. Guys, please keep those comments to yourself. David, never devalue with such impunity an open source project, you have no idea the damage you are causing to the open source community. Rob, what are you doing? You should be setting the example.

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