Pirate Duck Update

As you should be aware from my previous blog post – Bring Back Pirate Duck – one of my ducks is missing. This morning upon returning I found a small padded envelope addressed to ‘Mr Ian P Christian – Duck Master”.

Inside the letter, was a duck and a letter

To save you opening the image to read it, here is what the letter said:

Please take pity on me.

I was kidnapped as an egg and now I have hatched my kidnappers do not want me anymore

Left to my own devies I surfed the internet and came accross the picture of all the lovely duckies on your desk. Perhaps one of them could take me under their wing.

Quack Quack

P.S. I hope you get your Pirate Duck back soon.

The new duck has been adopted by my duck family, and is now safe and happy.

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