Review of the Nokia N73 on Three (3) with X-Series

I’ve recently got a N73 on Three – and I’m using the X-Series plan which gives me unlimited (with limits.. go figure) access to MSN, Skype and.. other things.

I’m sorry to report that this phone is really quite buggy.

I know there are methods to upgrade the firmware yourself, however it’s unclear to me the risks involved. Have a read of my currently unanswered post on

Here’s my mail to 3 – I’ll update if/when they reply

Hi -

I've recently got a N73 from you, and it's amazingly buggy.  It
occasionally will crash when I answer calls, sometimes reboots, often
tells me I don't have enough memory and should close some applications.
 Not very usable at all.  My phone shop is going to replace my handset,
but I'm almost certain this is related to the Firmware you use.

My N73 is running v2.0628.0.0.1, which is a known buggy version of the
Nokia firmware.

If you look at this site, it shows a list of bugs:

Notice here that in the firmware you are currently using it has a memory
leak in gallery (would explain my out of memory errors), frequent
reboots, applications not closing properly and more.

When will you be updating your firmware to the latest Nokia release so I
can have a phone which doesn't require rebooting every few days of usage?

Many Thanks,

6 thoughts on “Review of the Nokia N73 on Three (3) with X-Series”

  1. Hi, I’ve also got an N73 on three xserie silver. tried to update it as hoping voice dialling might actually work then. i have the same version as you. Have you had a reply yet?

  2. I haven’t had a reply actaully – however…

    I went into a nokia service center today, and they upgraded my phone. Apparently last week they got the new firmware in. I’ll post back in a week or so and let you know how I’m getting on – so far so good.

  3. An update…

    3 did finally get back to me from my email to them, telling me to go to Carphone Warehouse to get an updated firmware. I actaully went to a Nokia Service Center is docklands to get mine done, but that’s not important.

    It’s still not perfect. I’ve had ‘Insert SIM card’ errors a couple of times. Sometimes when opening applications (especially MSN), *nothing* happens, the phone just acts like I’ve not clicked to open it. If that happens a reboot fixes it.

    It’s a vast improvement though, so I’d advise anyone with a N73 to go and update it… however it’s still not perfect 🙂

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