SymfonyCamp – Admin Generator Presentation

Symfony Camp 2008 ( symfonycamp2008 ) was good fun, even if I did have a hang over for my presentation. As promised, here is my slides and the demo setup containing sfExtJsThemePlugin. There used to be an online example but this has now been removed.

my slides are here:

Symfony admin generator presentation

2 thoughts on “SymfonyCamp – Admin Generator Presentation”

  1. Ich habe nach meinem letzten Eintrag nicht mehr ├╝ber das Symfony Camp gebloggt: Zum einen, weil ich den Vortr├Ągen folgen wollte und zum anderen, weil ich mich abends lieber mit einem Bier in der Hand unterhalten wollte, anstatt vor dem Laptop…

  2. Hello Ian !

    I’m french and i developp with symfony a software! I would like use the plu=
    g-in sfextjsThemeplugin! I have contacted Leon, the creator, and he has giv=
    en me the Url of your blog! I have downloaded your example htdocs.tgz but i=
    have some problems : I have resolved the problem of the password but when =
    i write this URL =3D> http://localhost/htdocs/web/backend_dev.php/extbarn, =
    i have a error :=20
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in C:wampwwwhtdocscacheback= enddevmodulesautoExtbarnactionsactions.class.php on line 431 And i have seen my code file, the filter have a problem. I have erased the lign of filter and it does work! But there is noting on the screen ! Why? Could you send me your exemple? Because it doesn't work! And could you expl= ain me the working of this plug-in? Thanks Ian

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