The BeBook Mini

I’ve recently got a BeBook Mini, and thought I’d take a little time to upload some pictures and write a few words.

The BeBook Mini comes in an nice blue box, as seen here:

Please excuse the far from perfect pictures – I don’t own a digital camera and just make do with my mobile ( Nokia N97 ).

The box comes with a mini screwdriver, a lanyard, head phones, a USB cable, and some spare screws. It seemed odd that there was a mini screwdriver and spare screws, but they are a nice touch anyway.

Here’s a few photos comparing the BeBook Mini, to the origional BeBook, it clearly shows how much more compact the BeBook Mini is.

The BeBook Mini actually fits in a pocket in a pair of trousers I wear to the office – only just, and it’s not comfortable, but it does! The unit is clearly smaller than it’s bigger older brother, but the difference in screen size doesn’t really seem that significant to me.

One thing that I noticed which I found quite interesting is the inclusion of a SIM card slot – I wonder where BeBook might be going with this in the future?

The BeBook Mini has a new page turn rocker switch thing (for lack of a technical name… ) which can be seen below, and like the original it has a USB connection and SD slot.

The BeBook mini also has the ability to read your books aloud for you – it’s no replacement for audio books (which incidentally it can play with the built in MP3 player), however it’s really useful for when driving, or if you’re just too lazy to read – or blind perhaps, although I’m not sure how well a blind person would get on with the interface.

To conclude, I think the Mini is a great addition to the ebook/eink range of readers – and it’s a fantastic size. The previous video review of the BeBook applies just as well to the Mini, as the software is very similar – so if you’ve not seen it, check it out now!

Please feel free to leave any questions as comments.

13 thoughts on “The BeBook Mini”

  1. wow first ive heard of one. is this a kindle-for-smart-people? ie. no DRM and newton-style drawings/notes?

    I’m keen – I could study without a laptop screen that hurts my eyes and save on the highlighters!

  2. I am curious: Can the battery be changed or is it built in ?

    This thing looks nice, but I am pretty sure, my wife would get mad, if I get one, after I got my Bebook 1 just 6 months ago …

  3. Well, I should have looked at all the pics, before posting. It seems the battery can be changed, but not as easy on the old Bebook 1 … in that case, I am a little less sad now. At first I wanted to wait to for Q4 in 2009 for the Bebook 2/Bebook Mini, but then I got myself the Bebook 1 … and right now I still love it.

  4. You can change the battery – yep! I’m not sure where you’d get one, I’m sure BeBook sell them.

    I’m interested as to why you might want to change them though, considering how many page turns you get from a single charge, and you’re never too far from a USB port (well… I’m not)

    I think the battery in the mini has greater capacity too. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  5. I don’t want to change the battery as long as it is still good. But all batteries have a limited lifespan. You see, 6 months ago, my wife got a cell phone. In the beginning, the battery lasted for like 10 days, even if she made some phone calls. But then it got less … this weekend, the battery lasted for 3 days without any phone calls. Luckily, the battery can be changed.

    My dad however … he got himself a mobile navigation gadget for his car. The battery was built-in … and after about 9 months it totally died. Once disconnected from the power, the battery didn’t last for a second. It always had to be connected to a power outlet. Once it was disconnected, it lost all the stuff that was saved like the saved placemarks and even worse – you had to reinstall the software on it. This took some time and you always had to enter a 12-digit number …. My dad went to the store for a new battery, but they told him, that it can’t be changed. After some discussion, the store keeper gave him a rebate on a new navi drive … but the old one couldn’t be saved, he had to throw it away.

    So imagine, a Bebook where you can’t change the battery … once it is dead, you have to throw the entire BeBook away … no thanks.

    This is one of the main reasons why I am against iphones and ipods.

    By the way, I heard there will be some european law in the future – all devices like cell phones or mp3 players have to use changeable batteries. Non-exchangeable batteries will be forbidden in the future.

  6. Hi Ian,

    I am wondering whether you can help me.
    I have purchased the bebook mini and am very satisfied with it.
    Do you know if diagrams within pdf files need any special configuration within the ereader as I’m not seeing the diagram only the words.



  7. I’ve a dilemma. I bought my wife the Sony PRS-505 back in September for £149 from – I was going to buy another Sony reader now for my mother for Xmas, but have stuck up the price to £235 (utterly ridiculous for an older model), which means I am looking elsewhere and looking for alternatives to the Sony.

    The BeBook looks like a good choice, but I notice their 6″ is quite old, and not really a comparison model to the Sony PRS-505.
    Their BeBook 5″ model is newish with better features, faster processor, and has a wealth of extras (more so than the Sony 5″ pocket edition), so a BeBook 5″ is the obvious choice for me.

    As you have them both, what would be your thoughts on the two? What are the advantages of the mini over its bigger brother?

  8. Hi Ian,
    Same as Mike above, I was going to purchase two of the Sony PRS505 off the site, one for myself and one as a present, but due to the price hike thats gone out the window!

    Can you tell me how well the menu interface works on the Bebook mini, and also what the mp3 playback quality is like, as i’ve come across a few reviews that have slated both?

    I know its primarily an ebook reader, but it would be great for me if I can add some of my audiobooks for a bit of variety.

  9. Hello Mike

    Why do you think the Bebook 1 (the 6″) is no comparision to the Sony 505 ? As far as I know, they are both about the same age. I am not even sure, that the Bebook is older.
    When I wanted to get an ebook reader, the first one that I that I saw was the Sony 505. It was in a store, so I couldn’t really test everything, but when it came to stuff like “speed of the pageturns”, the Sony 505 was equally in time like the Bebook 1.

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