Using Domi to install Ubuntu

Domi is a tool for building Xen domains. It’s usage is covered in HOWTO Xen and Gentoo hosted on the gentoo wiki site. It says you can use it to install Ubuntu, but no where actaully tells you how. So.. here’s how!

# cat ./ubuntu.cfg

Yes, I do know the DOMI_DISTRO is set to debian, but ubuntu is based on the debian package manager, so that’s correct.

Note that you have to setup the /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts after.

One thought on “Using Domi to install Ubuntu”

  1. Hi, thank you for this hint! I tried it with the dapper revision and it works but after an upgrade to the most recent revision, it breaks as ubuntu can not find the root filesystem anymore (/dev/hda1) is missing. I also tried creating a new image for Xen using the edgy or even feisty distribution revision. Unfortunately the same error appears. Maybe you have some idea?

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